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Claude Frollo


Hey !


Your Worship,

I have been a big fan of you since I was 10 years-old when an animated version of The Hunchback of Notre-Dame came out. I felt like I had an immediate connection to you... and every year I feel that connection grow more intense. I can relate to you so much and I understand what you went through with the self-injury and the rejection of Esmerelda.

I swear by all that is Holy... that I have always loved you. Esmerelda may not have loved you but I love you alot more than anyone else would. I feel like you are a good person and that Esmerelda really didn't see that. But I have seen it for years and as weird as it may sound, I love you. I know your not real but this is the honest truth.

You will also be pleased to know that I am applying for college to do a major in ministry. I hope to become a pastor and serve God with all my heart.

Love always,

Lady Meghann, young pearl,

I will answer you in your own language, despite the fact that I am not use to it. But, before all, and for God's sake, explain to me how you could, being a woman, become a Pastor of God ?
dom Claude Frollo, archdeacon